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SAP HANA license types

There are several license types available for the SAP HANA database. Below is a brief overview of the most common ones:


SAP HANA Runtime License: This license allows users to run the SAP HANA database in a production environment. It is available for both on premise and cloud deployments and is typically based on the amount of memory utilized by the database. The runtime license is most likely more purchased database license type. This is also the more restrictive license since customers can only leverage it for SAP applications and the underlying SAP and non-SAP data can only be loaded, exported, and managed via SAP technologies.


SAP HANA Full Use License: This license provides full access to all of the SAP HANA features, including data integration, advanced analytics, and development tools. It is typically purchased as an add-on to the SAP HANA Runtime License. The full use license type is less restrictive one. It is because there are less restrictions of SAP HANA Runtime. Organizations can use HANA full use for any combination of SAP, non-SAP, custom, or third-party applications. In addition, no limitations exist on the loading and exporting of SAP and non-SAP data directly in and out of SAP HANA.


SAP HANA Platform Edition: This license includes both the SAP HANA Runtime and Full Use licenses, as well as additional tools for data modeling and administration. It is designed for organizations that require a comprehensive data management solution.


SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud License: This license provides access to the SAP HANA database via a cloud-based subscription model. It includes both the SAP HANA Runtime and Full Use licenses, as well as cloud-specific features such as automated backups and disaster recovery.


SAP HANA Edge Edition: This license is designed for small to medium-sized businesses and includes a subset of the SAP HANA Platform Edition features. It is typically based on the number of users or CPU cores utilized by the database.


SAP HANA Express Edition: This license is a free, streamlined version of the SAP HANA database that is intended for non-production use. It includes a limited set of features and is typically used for development, testing, and training purposes. It is a free up to 32GB of use with the ability to purchase more, making it suitable for individuals.


The licensing terms and conditions for SAP HANA may vary depending on the specific product and deployment model. SAP clients need to always check with their SAP account manager about appropriate license type for their needs.



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