Monday, August 3, 2020

BW transport error: Object ABC needs object XYZ; latter is not in a request

Today one more blog post about BW transports. While releasing the BW transport there can be below error message:

Object ABC needs object XYZ; latter is not in a request Message No. RSO657
The required object XYZ is not in a request. The request should not be released.
System Response
The object ABC would result in an error during import since the required object XYZ cannot exist in the target system.
Write the required object IOBJ XYZ in a request.

Issue is very clear from the BW system consistency standpoint. It identified the missing object and it does not want to allow the transport be released as it would lead to inconsistency. However in most of the cases it is obvious that object that the system is complaining about is already existing for quite some and was transported across a landscape. That means it object XYZ doesn’t need to be in the transport.

According the SAP Notes such as 1801262 the error message can be ignored. It means that import to target BW system can be performed with an option of "Release despite errors? While doing it in person via dialog mode in t-code SE10. However there is no such an option in case there is an change management tool (e.g. Solman CHaRM) used in the landscape. In such a case, it make sense to put particular transport into the table RSTPCHECKEXC (Exception Table: Before Export Check). The table hold in information about all the transports that are to be exceptioned from “Before Export Check” phase of the transports while it is being released.

The report RSO_TLOGO_CHECK_REQUEST also using this table while executing the transport consistency check for before export check phase of releasing the transport.

More information:

1801262 - Releasing of transport request ends with message RSO656 / RSO657 / RSO672
2137751 - BPC NW 10.0/10.1 Transport Release error 'Object A needs object B; latter is not in a request' is being generated - Message No. RSO657
1377342 - Prüfung der Konsistenz von Transformationen im Transport


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