Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Running out of transport request numbers?

In large SAP installations serving multinational companies where many SAP clients are heavily customized within one SAP system there can be a huge IT department where even hundreds of SAP developers are working. While developing either a new of changed functionality the developers are using transport numbers to carry the changes across the systems in a landscape. On top of that, also SAP functional consultants are moving their changes via customizing transport requests. In such an environment after few years, the SAP installation can face an issue that number range that is providing numbers for the transport requests is running out of the numbers.

Normally the number range for the transport requests generates the numbers within the range ( <SID>K900000 - <SID>K999999 ). Theoretically, there can be up to 100k transport requests with the range. If the number get closer to the 999.999 it means that, the system is reaching to the limits of that particular number range.

Starting with SAP ERP Release 4.6A (back then around year 2000 called R/3 system) a new interval will be automatically used by the SAP NetWeaver based system. It is the range ( <SID>K9A0000 - <SID>K9ZZZZZ ). This will guarantee that another more than 40 million free transport requests numbers are available for future.


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