Thursday, July 30, 2020

SAP Universal ID (UID)

User accounts used for SAP support sites (like SAP Support Portal, SAP ONE Support Launchpad,,, OpenSAP, etc.) that used to be individual for each of the sites are finally becoming consolidated.

It was a matter of critique for many years that there were many different users to be used for particular SAP sites. Mostly each site was acting like a silo application for which user had to register separately. As of July this year, SAP came up with a solution. It is called SAP Universal ID. While creating the UID it allows you to link existing S* or P* users into one universal ID that can be used to login for multiple SAP sites. Currently following sites are being supported by the UID:

    SAP for Me
    SAP ONE Support Launchpad
    SAP Support Portal
    SAP Help Portal
    SAP Training / SAP Learning
    SAP Customer Experience Wiki
    SAP SuccessFactors Community
    Service Now
    SAP CX Microlearning videos & SAP CX DOJO
    SAP Store
    SAP Best Practices Explorer
    SAP Ariba Connect
    SAP Customer Influence Center

See SAP Note 2948407 - Which SAP sites/platforms support SAP Universal ID login? For an up2data list of the supported sites.

Main advantage I see in here is that I could link many different SAP users I have for example to SAP Support Portal into one account. As it is normal, that an independent SAP consultant is working for multiple clients then the consultant has many different S* or P* users belonging to these clients. The SAP UID make the usage of the accounts easier as they can be linked into the one ID. The UID SAP hosted at address can manage all these different S* or P* users by adding/removing them from the UID.

More information:
Support component: XX-SER-UID

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