Monday, August 31, 2020

BW statistics not collected for certain BW object or object type

Normally BW statistics data is being collected into BW statistics technical tables like RSDDSTAT, RSDDSTATAGGR, RSDDSTATINFO, RSDDSTATAGGRDEF, RSDDSTATEVDATA, etc. Particular table is used depending on BW object type. For example statistics details about DTP processing is stored in table RSDDSTATDTP.

In case BW statistics data is missing in particular tables, the BW statistics customizing needs to be checked. In most cases, customizing is missing for either particular BW object or BW object type. Main table that stores the BW statistics for customizing is RSDDSTATOBJLEVEL - objects such as Queries, InfoProviders, Web Templates and Workbooks are to be maintained in there in order to collect the BW statistics. Those particular BW objects can be maintained directly via t-code RSDDSTAT.

More over other BW objects or objects types needs to be entered into the RSDDSTATOBJLEVEL table manually via SE16/SM30 t-code.

Therefore, if no statistics written to the statistics tables always check if the corresponding entry in the RSDDSTATOBJLEVEL table exists. Once customizing entry is there then the BW statistics data must be collected by the BW system.

More information:

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