Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SAP Solution Manager 4.0 vs. 7.0

Similarly like other SAP NetWever components (BW, PI, MDM) SAP Solution Manager (SMG) was re-versioned as well. This took place in May 2008 and SMG version changed its version from 4.0 to 7.0. By this it has same release number and it is aligned with SAP's decision to streamline its product offerings. So between versions 4.0 and 7.0 there is no change in its functionality, release schedule, installations, or other technical aspects of SAP Solution Manager.
Just to introduce SMG in more detail: SMG is tool to support entire life cycle of SAP solutions from planning through Business Blueprint preparation, following by implementation, testing and ending with running and operating SAP solution. Its features can be split to following areas:

•    Implementing and Upgrading SAP Solutions – central project administration, creation of Business Blueprints, Configurations, Group Rollouts, Templates, Roadmaps, system landscapes, documentation.
•    Solution Documentation – evaluation of business processes, support of custom developments and modifications.
•    Test Management – central test management, tests evaluations
•    Business Processes Operations – monitoring of business processes, job management
•    System Administration – central system administration, landscape analyses, real-time system monitoring.
•    SAP Engagement and Service Delivery – Using of SAP Services as part of SAP Delivery, Issue management – Tracking problems.
•    Incident Management – workflow to create and process problems messages
•    Change Request Management and Change Management – support to change management processes.
•    Root Cause Analysis – Problem analysis and error-resolution.

SMG has connection to BW as well. There is SMG related Business Content which enables to report SMG data in BW. See online documentation - BI Reporting in SOLMAN. There are DataSources called 0SM_SMG* under node 0SM_SMG_ROOT. Basically it serves for Business Process Monitoring reporting. Other connection of BW and SMG can be within transport request handling. In this case all BW transports can be managed from SMG.

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