Saturday, December 31, 2016

How to find in which TRFN particular ABAP INCLUDE is used

In order to decouple of application logic used in BW’s Transformation ABAP code is sometimes not placed into the Transformation’s Start/End Routine directly but instead this an ABAP INCLUDE is used. So custom logic is complete placed into the INCLUDE that is included in the particular routine.

One may wonder how to find out what is/are Transformations where that ABAP INCLUDE is used. To find out this below is procedure:

1. Display INCLUDE in t-code SE38 and perform either Where-Used function (CTR:+SHIFT+F3 or icon on toolbar) or syntax check shows a list of GP* programs where the ABAP INCLUDE is used.

2. Particular GP* program shall be looked up in table RSTRAN in field TRANPROG. Notice that has to be the GP* program ID used but w/o prefix of GP. In field of TRANID field an ID of Transformation is then found.


3. Display the GP* program in t-code SE38.

4. Move up in the ABAP editor into beginning of the GP* program where comment having Tran ID information is display (e.g. at line 31)

5. Take Tran ID information and use Find function of RSA1 to find a particular Transformation.

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