Friday, December 30, 2016

Can DTP be pushed to HANA DB for execution?

Usually one of very first things that are checked once the BW system is migrated to HANA database is to find out what are data loads that can be pushed to HANA easily without any modification. To do this check SAP offers within the set of tools for migration to BW on HANA tool called SAP BW Transformation Finder (ABAP report ZBW_TRANSFORM_FINDER).

The tool is quite a complex and it offers to identify redundant data layers like "1:1" or "N:1" transformations. Through this tool the transformations that can be pushed to the DB can be found. Although a list of the TRFN is definitely useful I was wondering whether there is a way to identify a list of the DTP for the same – push to the HANA DB. As I blogged in my older post Pushing DTP execution to HANA DB there is a button available in the DTP maintenance screen that allow to find it out. To check this for many DTPs at one shot I developed short program. The program can be found in my github - DTP_TO_BE_PUSHED2HANA.

My tool similarly to SAP one utilizes a call of method CLARIFY_REALIZATION of class CL_RSTRAN_DB_STAT. If DTP particular DTP is compatible with SAP HANA Execution then it is listed out in tool’s output screen. Hope someone will find the tool useful.

More information:

1908367 - SAP BW Transformation Finder

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