Saturday, December 31, 2016

How to delete process variant of Process Chain

It is an often case that an process variant within process chain is created but later on for whatever reason it is not needed anymore. The process variant should be deleted in such a case. So how to delete an old process variant that is not needed?

Basically within t-code RSPC1 (or via RSA1 -> Modeling -> Process Chain) any PC needs to be displayed in the PC maintenance mode. Then depending on Process Type of process that needs to be deleted such a Process Type needs to be found within the displayed PC.

1. Right Click -> Exchange Variant

2. Select the process variant that needs to be deleted from available pop-up list

3. Double click on selected process variant

4. On next screen of the process variant maintenance - click on change button and Delete the selected process variant via Delete button


Anonymous said...

Doesn't work. Get a "Variant can't be deleted as is already being present in process chains" error message.

Martin Maruskin said...

Have you checked whether the variant you tried to delete is not used in some other PChain? Apparently it seems to be the case.