Saturday, December 31, 2016

Automatically Repeat Red Requests in Process Chains

Similarly to possibility to repeat DTP in case its previous run failed that I described here – it is also possible to enable in similar way repetition of step within process chain. A kind of automatic re-start of failed steps in the PC thing. This helps to improvements running of the PC and overall maintenance effort of SAP BW systems.

Normally in case the process step fails someone must go process chain log via Administration t-codes and manually restart the step. If certain settings are maintained for the process then after it failed depending on the settings automatic repeat of process chain steps happens.

Following is a procedure to maintain the settings for particular process in the PC:
In change mode of the PC and there is an item in right click menu available for the process -> "Automatic Repetition". In next pop-up window following parameters need to be maintained:

Seconds: a time in seconds is specified here how long the process needs to wait before repeating the task.

Number of Repetitions: The maximum number of times this process should be repeated

After maintain the settings the PC must be activated in order to enable this feature.

Technically the settings are implemented in table RSPCCHAIN and its fields AUTO_REPEAT and REPEAT_TRIALS.