Saturday, December 31, 2016

Slovak (and Czech) blogs related to SAP

As starting on next year (just tomorrow) this blog is celebrating its 10 year anniversary I was thinking to see whether there are some other people blogging about same topics I do – SAP. Therefore I took to google collected below list of blogs and web pages created/maintained by people in Slovakia and Czech Republic region and of course related to SAP. Here’s what I found. A list is not so long; even some blogs are not active anymore. However I hope I keep an eye on this from time to time and going forward I will be updating it.

URL                                         Person                       Status              Ladislav Rydzyk        Active                    Miroslav Oprsteny     Active          Stefan Misik             Last activity in 10/2012                            Pavel Jaros              Last activity in 04/2016                         Miloš Volek              Not active since 10/2016                            unknown                 Not active since 08/2011                        Lubos Adamka         Active                 unknown                 Not active since 08/2014                            Juraj Sukupa           parked domain only                     Michal Rehák            Not active since 02/2016           Milan Sedlácek
Tomáš Marný           Not active since 06/2013                        Ludvik Spilka            Not active since 04/2016

abap pre zaciatocnikov        unknown                 ABAP tutorial for beginners in Slovak language                       Peter Jarunek          2 articles on very basic SAP topics

last update: Dec 31th 2016


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