Monday, January 26, 2015

Options of SAP Lumira and where to download Lumira?

I introduced Lumira in my earlier post here. It is basically visualization software that enables to tell story about the data. Speaking simpler it is nothing else just BI frontend tool. To play with it just need and input file with any kind of the data you like which gets imported into the tool and visualization can start…

As most of today’s only SAP software; the Lumira is coming in 2 flavors:

First one is classic on premise deployment. To deploy it e.g. for educational/demo or training purposes just follow this page 32 and 64 bit version are available for MS Windows 7 or 8 platforms. Furthermore in case you are enterprise user there are following options of the Lumira:

Lumira Desktop – this is the one that you actually can download for free from above mentioned link. It enables you to develop visualizations just based on e.g. your flat files data. Again this edition is suitable for demo/training/evaluation purposes. Currently available version is 1.22.

Lumira Edge – speciality about Edge edition is to be used by departments where visualization can be shared within their members. Currently available version is 1.0. More info can be found here.

Lumira Server – capable of visualizing, story creating and sharing datasets and stories while utilizing SAP HANA repository. The Server edition is installed in HANA server. Currently available version is 1.22.

Lumira Extension - Data Access – SDK for extending and customizing Lumira Desktop's data source access capability. Currently available version is 1.22.

Lumira Extension – Visualization – SDK for extending Lumira Desktop's visualizations. Currently available version is 1.22.

Lumira Visualization Extension Plugin for SAP Web IDE Guide – Plugin into WebIDE to extend Lumira visualization using Vizpacker plugin. Currently available version is 1.0.

Cloud is second option here. At following page: the cloud version is available. Right now it is coming with 1 GB of free storage to store data and visualizations. There are options of Lumira in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) e.g. deployed together with SAP BI 4. These are part of Analytics in the Cloud.

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