Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New version of the Master Data deletion

In BW 7.0 SP23 a major change related to master data deletion was introduced. An aim is to overcome issue with the MD deletion like performance, memory overflows, dumps etc. The change is visible on dialog of master data’s IO deletion. The dialog box iis available e.g. in tcode RSA1 -> right click on IO -> Delete Master Data:

There are few more options available for the deletion now. I’m not going to the details about them. I refer you to SAP Notes listed below to get the details.

Just one more information is related how to switch this functionality ON. It can be done in RSA1, menu Settings -> Global Settings. Thick ON check box called: 'Pack.Mas.Data.Del'. If you do not have the check box available they you are running on newer version of BW because as of release 7.3 this is default deletion option. So to choose new MD deletion option is only available in release below 7.3

More information:
1370848 - New Master Data Deletion - Information
1705824 - Old master data deletion is obsolete

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