Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cloud Appliance Library – CAL

Do you remember what did it take to do simple PoC based on some SAP solution? Usually it is not that easy. While doing it on premise it is pain. Even in private cloud it is not that easy. To solve things related to such a deployment and basically to enable customers to deploy test, training, evaluation or demo systems easily SAP introduced Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) or sometimes called SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC).

How does it work? With the CAL it is possible to deploy SAP system from preconfigured SAP software appliance. The final system will run in one of cloud (hosting) providers. In most cases the provider is Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Of course one who does the deployment must have an cloud provider account upfront as there is a payment associated for running it on their infrastructure. But the point is to do not lose the time while deploying. An access to the system is via web interface so user needs web browser only.

What systems are available at the CAL:
There are following types of the systems to be deployed available in the library. Standard SAP solutions like Business Suite on HANA, Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) products e.g. ERP, CRM; technology components NW: ABAP Application Server.

NB: There is more to say about pricing. Two use cases are here. Trial – only fee for infrastructure to cloud provider exists. Subscription – It is bring in your own license (BYOL) for particular SAP solution type of thing. Plus the license for CAL is applied. Of course fee for using of infrastructure goes to the hosting provider on top of these.

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