Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Component version information popup

Component version functionality available System Status menu of SAP GUI is very convenient way of how to quickly check what kind of version and components SAP system has user is logged into. This functionality was always there. To see how we can use it (even it is pretty obvious) see in this post or just follow menu in SAP GUI: System -> Status -> Button 'Component Information'.

Sometime ago SAP improved search functionality of this popup. This was done by replacing older layout with ALV features which comprised of sorting.

However within (I guess!) NetWeaver 7.4 I observed that this functionality has improved again. The popup with Component version has extended. Information now is separated into two tabs within the popup. There is “Installed Software Component Version” and
“Installed Product Versions” tabs. The slit serves to recognize between the Components (e.g. SAP_APPL which is Logistics and Accounting or SAP_FIN which is SAP Financials or SAP_HR which is Human Resources) and the Products (e.g. SAP NETWEAVER, SAP ERP, EhP x, or SAP EHS et cetera).

Needless to say that the popup is provided FM OCS_UI_DISPLAY_PATCH_LEVEL.

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