Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C)

Cloud, cloud and one more time cloud is everywhere nowadays. Yes, it is true. In this post I will introduce another cloud solution from SAP. It is called SAP Cloud for Costumer (C4C or CfC) and it is a suite of integrated on cloud based solutions. It aims to support customer related needs of organization which face the customers directly. Well they all do, right? So the suite of apps is dealing with sales, customer service, social media tracking and analytics, and marketing. It basically covers sales and sales beyond (CRM) related processes for sales persons in one common platform.

The C4C was formerly called SAP Customer OnDemand. Here are components (or sometimes called features) of the C4C. As side note, sometimes they are listed only 3 of them excluding Marketing one:

SAP Cloud for Sales – mobile, and easy to integrate with whole back office operation sales application. Means traditional and operation CRM related to marketing and field force.

SAP Cloud for Service – support reaching to customer via different channels in real-time to provide customer experience like processing, resolving an issues.

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement (or called Customer Engagement) – tools for connecting/engaging with prospects and customers via different social media.

SAP Cloud for Marketing – covers marketing functions like founds, campaigns, targeting, groups, marketing execution.

From integration point of view there are following connectors for integrating of C4C with other cloud software. This is not final list as there may be others which I just simply not aware of.

More information:

- update on 07/17/2015 -
In short the C4C is next evolution of SAP CRM just pure cloud based. From technology point of view C4C is built on top of SAP Business By Design (BBD) platform.

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