Sunday, November 20, 2011

Further checking of broken BEx queries 2

In this post I’m continuing to post another possibility how to analyze problem of BEx queries. Apart of first part of this series which was dedicated to analyzing ABAP report RSR_BAD_CODING here I introduce sequence which can be convenient while BEx queries troubleshooting. Basically you usually start in BEx Query Designer (QD). This is a tool where we can get first indication to possible error. Error is shown in bottom section of BEx QG window. Usually this is pretty straight forward. You see an error and you can take appropriate action to remove it. If there is no error shown but query keeps faileing while its runtime you need to move to other tool – RSRT: Query Monitor (QM). While runnign query in different modes:
Execute in Safe Mode or Execute and Declare/Explain – see details here

You can get clue into other issues in query. If this is still not enouigh you need to check ABAP report in BW’s back end RSR_BAD_CODING.

However this ABAP report can be consistent – w/o syntax error and you still not solved your query issue. Here is another tool which may help – TA RSRTQ Query Definition.

Imagine similar scenario. Here’s query error shown in BEx QD:

This is clearly about formula within the report. However there may be houndrets of formulas in yoru query. There is no possiblity to search in QD by formula technical name. So how do we found our errnous formula? Help comes here within TA RSRTQ. You have to run it in Unique IDs mode. Here its output:

Within binocular icon you need to search for formula technical name that you got from QD. By this you get description of row in cells definition in BEx Query Designer issue lays. Further you need to run same TA (RSRTQ) in Technical Names mode:


On output screen search for string ‘Remodeling’. By this you get row and cell no. where this issue lays in Cells definition in BEx Query Designer issue lays:

Finally you go to QD again and in this case you switch to table view display and you find problem nous formula in respective row and columns in Cell definition.

To sum this exercise up here my sequence of further checking of broken BEx queries:
1. BEx QD -> Check functionality
2. TA RSRT Query Monitor-> Execute in Safe Mode or Execute and Declare/Explain functionality
4. TA RSRTQ Query Definition

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