Sunday, November 20, 2011

One ABAP book

I recently went to bookstore. I really like bookstores. Not those on the internet. I mean real book stores where you can hold and feel books.  I like especially bookstore where I can sit down for a while and read for a while. So as I was enjoying precious moments in that book store I got astonished with one ABAP book. It was not because of book as itself. After I looked into the book I realized that the book quotes my blog :-)

To be more concrete in the book there is a link provided to one of my blog post. It is a post related to miniSAP – where to download it. This post is the most visited post in my blog ever. I perceive quote to blog in the book as an honur counting the fact that there is numerous of other blogs relate to miniSAP out there on internet.

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