Monday, December 26, 2011

What are SAP Pilot Notes?

We all know SAP Notes; we all use them on daily basis along our job needs to. We search for an advice, explanation or fix of problems within SAP software. I already introduced differences between HotNews; TopNotes here

Today let’s say something about Pilot Notes. Basically it is very first version of SAP Note created by SAP development support. Usually it is SAP organization called IMS (Installed Base Maintenance & Support). When they provide correction for problem you reported via SMP (Service Market Place, formerly OSS) the note has status as Pilot release. If required later after note is tested by customers; note will be included in standard Support Pack for particular SAP software release. 

See details about Pilot release in following note:

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Kim Hansen said...

Is there a way we can check what pilot notes we currently have in the system?

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Kim,

unfortunately I'm not aware if this is possible.