Sunday, November 20, 2011

TA RSRT, RSRT1, RSRT2 differences? (Part 2)

Some time ago I wrote short post about possible differences between TAs: RSRT, RSRT1, RSRT2. The fact is that they all 3 three are linked to same ABAP program: SAPMRRI1. Only visible difference is that RSRT1 has additional input field for Query view ~ meaning you can run Query view via this TA w/o using BEx Query Analyzer. So that’s all what is remarkable at first sight.

But real differences are hidden undercover. Basically TA RSRT2 is intended to be used by SAP support people while solving customer issues.

Some important features of RSRT* transactions:

1. There is a possibility to execute query in special mode so called safe mode: button Execute + Debug -> Execute in Safe Mode. Running query in this mode system deactivates all optimizations for query execution. E.g. if your query shows correct figures in safe mode then you can be sure that there is no error caused by OLAP engine but by some other component.

2. Mode: Execute and Declare (in BW 73 called as Execute and Explain). Using this option you can see additional log in several areas (see below) after query execution. This can indicate cause of other problem that you might face in your query.
Log area that can be shown for explanation:

·         Authorization log
·         Explanation of the setting on front end
·         Explanation of Hierarchies
·         Information about Planning
·         Report-to-Report Interface – overview of mapping table
·         Details of quantity and currency translation
·         Formatting of information on variables
·         Exception aggregation in BWA

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