Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where to download librfc32.dll RFC library?

The librfc32.dll library can cause a lot of troubles. Also there are some issues in BW area especially with conjunction to BEx. I was blogging about one issue e.g. here. Some other examples can be with different BEx tools like Web Application Designer (WAD), Query Designer (QD), etc. where those tools cannot connect to BW backend.

Here I’m providing information how to determine current version of this library available on SMP and where and how to download it.

First notice that there are two version of librfc32.dll:

·         Classic RFC library: comes with all major SAP Basis releases: 6.40, 7.00, 7.10, 7.11, and 7.20. After end of maintenance period for SAP Release 7.10 this classic RFC version will be discontinued.

·         SAP NetWeaver RFC Library: introduced as of Basis: SAP NetWeaver 7.10
To determine which version of library is involved in your issue depends on operating system that your SAP system does use.

To finally download library you need to go to SMP’s alias -> SAP Support Packages and Patches -> Browse our Download Catalog -> Additional Components -> SAP Kernel  -> SAP KERNEL 32 or 64 /UNICODE -> SAP KERNEL 46D or 6.40 or 7.00 or 7.10 -> your operation system -> Database independent.

In the list of files choose librfc_XX-yyyyyyyy.SAR.

OSS Notes reference:

-      2020-Feb-10 Update:
The classic librfc32.dll is no more within SAP GUI 75. Due to architecture change within SAP GUI 75 all BEx tool are now using .Net Connector of version (NCo) 3 whereas in lower versions of the BEx tools the NCo version 2 was used. Thus, the RFC library has changed as well. See below SAP Notes for details:
2602275 - Where is librfc32.dll in SAPGUI 7.5?
2256415 - Adaptation of RFC controls (Logon, Function, Table and BAPI) to use SAP NetWeaver RFC Library

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