Thursday, November 3, 2011

New design of

On last week (end of Oct 2011) I noticed that the very basic site for all the SAP consultants and users were changed. Yes it is HELP.SAP.COM. Actually the design of the page got aligned with SAP’s corporate homepage

Now it is dark blue on gray background as SAP homepage got this style in May 2011. Many of other SAP sites were already or are currently being to redesigned as well.

There are some other things that were changed on this site. The site is now more structured according’s famous quick links. Here it is so called navigational paths and all of them are listed here. You can easily browse them according following subject tree:

- SAP Solutions
- SAP Business One
- SAP Best Practices
- SAP BusinessObjects
- SAP In-Memory Computing Link to page
- On-Demand Solutions

In general I find this change quite useful and would like to encourage HELP.SAP.COM team to continue with the site improvement.

- 17/04.2013 update -
See new blog called Tracking improvements of for overview of revamp in 2012.

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