Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What is SAPMATS?

Have you ever got a link to SAPMATS from SAP support people with documents that they wanted to share with you? If so probably you didn’t notice a ways how it was sent to you. Or you may think that is it a yet another of online backup/transfer service provided by SAP? Actually that’s right. It is an official channel how SAP can send you documents with regards to your actual issues being solved via SAP Service Market Place. Before this role was hold by SAP FTP serves. Those are still being used but a part of them SAPMARTS are there. The link to SAPMATS has following form:

There is expiration date set. Therefore after some time the link is not available for download anymore like following:

Seems SAP has several SAPMATS per regions or countries around the globe. Few SAPMATS links that are working are like:

There is another functionality provided by SAPMATS. You as a customer might be asked by SAP support to upload files (e.g. logs) depicting your problem for SAP.

- update 05/02/2016 -
In year 2012 the SAPMats was replaced SAP Box and the SAP Box was later decommissioned and its successor is SAP Mobile Documents (mDocs). Read more here: What was (is) SAP Box and what is SAP Mobile Documents?


sap support pack stacks said...

Thanks! I actually never noticed that there's an expiration date for the links, and I think that many other people failed to notice that as well. Great post.

zfor said...


great post indeed.

However, I wouldn't use SAPMats for sending customer message related documents. First, because it expires, and second, it is not linked directly to the OSS message you are processing. OSS is good enough for sending attachments ;-)

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Zfor,
SAP is asking to share data via MATs e.g. if file is too big. I think web interface to OSS has limit around 3-4 MB. If you need to send them very large portion of data you have to do it via MATs.
Cheers, sapper