Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Funniest SAP notes ever 5

Well; another post on this topic. To be honest; actually who likes to speak foreign languages unless you are not forced to do so? :-) Therefore such behaviour can be observed within customers as well. They just want to speak in their native languages. On other hand if you would be a service provider you need to operate effectively as much as possible. Meaning you cannot do the support in all the languages your customers are speaking with. 

Similar issue is within the SAP. This can be a background of issuing following Note:

Conclusion: Only customers with Max Security Contracts can choose processors of issues they reported.

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Renaat Vanhaverbeke said...

It's not about language but nationality.
And hey, you buy a global software product from a German company. Why should you expect to be helped by a US citizien? Some Europeans act the same way in the 30s, and we all know what happened then :-(