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Quick links to SAP Service Market Place (SMP)

Quick links on SMP (SAP Service Marketplace or OSS) are very know and very used. I also found them very useful and I believe for most of us is better to type in directly (if you want to search for SAP notes) or (if you want to download some SAP software); instead just of which point to SMP portal as general. SAP provides basis links list on SMP as well. It is located in horizontal navigation menu of portal:

You can switch to quick links from any page of SMP. Link list just describes what is after slash in URL of link. E.g. quick link to SAP Notes search page is: /notes which represents Below see the list which combines links listed on SMP plus my list that I collected over the time using SMP.

Do you have some more links not listed there? Share it via comments…

quick link description replacement
/abap ABAP Technology
/about-usergroups About User Groups
/access-support Connecting to SAP
/activeembedded Premium support engagement delivered by the SAP Active Global Support organization.
/adaptive Adaptive technologies
/addons N/A
/adobe Strategic Alliance between SAP and Adobe
/aerospace SAP for Aerospace & Defense
/afs N/A
/ais Audit Information System
/alert Alert Management System
/alm Application Lifecycle Management
/alm-methodologies SAP Solution Manager and Tools Methodologies
/alm-tools SAP Solution Manager and Tools
/apo SAP APO
/archivelink Business Doc, Document Management, Document Storage, Document Archiving, Document Find
/as N/A
/asap Accelerated SAP Methodology
/asap-business-add-ons Accelerated SAP business add-ons implementation content
/asg N/A
/automotive SAP for Automotive
/background SAP background processing
/baio SAP for SAP Business All-in-One
/banking SAP for Banking
/bbd N/A
/bc N/A
/benchmark SAP Standard Application Benchmarks
/bestpractices SAP Best Practices for SAP Business Suite solutions
/bfp Business Function Prediction for SAP ERP
/bi SAP Business Intelligence
/bivaluepacks SAP BusinessObjects Business Insight Value Packs
/bmet SAP Business Maps and Engagement Tools
/bo SAP BusinessObjects
/bosap SAP BusinessObjects
/bosap-downloads-ews Early Warning System (EWS) Directories
/bosap-downloads-mdf Mail Direction File
/bosap-downloads-ssn Social Security Number (SSN) File
/bosap-downloads-usps US Postal Services and Data Quality Supplemental Files
/bosap-enterprisesupport SAP Enterprise Support for Business Objects
/bosap-explorer SAP BusinessObjects Explorer – Accelerated Version
/bosap-instguides Installation & Upgrade Guides SAP BusinessObjects
/bosap-lifecycle Pre-2008 SAP BusinessObjects Solutions
/bosap-maintenance-schedule SAP BusinessObjects maintenance schedule
/bosap-releasenotes SAP BusinessObjects Release Notes
/bosap-support SAP BusinessObjects Support
/bosap-unlock SAP BusinessObjects USPS Unlock Utility
/bp-automotive SAP for Automotive
/bpm SAP Business Process Management
/bpresellers SAP Hosted Solution for Business Products Resellers
/businessobjects SAP BusinessObjects /bi
/businesssuite SAP Business Suite
/suiteonhana SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA
/bw SAP Business Information Warehouse /bi
/bwa SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA)
Installation & Implementation Documentation Center
/bw-faq SAP Business Information Warehouse
/cats Cross-Application Time Sheet
/cccnet SAP's Customer Competence Center Net
/ccoe Customer Center of Expertise
/ce SAP Consultant Education, SAP Solution Academy
/cei Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI)
/certificates Certification Center
/certification SAP Global Certification Program
/cfolders Collaboration Folders
/changecontrol End-to-End Change Control Management
/chemicals SAP for Chemicals
/co Management Accounting, Controlling, Activity Based Costing, Prifitability Analysis, Product Cost Controlling
/coe Customer Center of Expertise
/communication Business Communication Services (BCS)
/connectors Integration of different applications and technologies with SAP Systems via open standard connectors
/consult SAP Consulting
/consumerproducts SAP for Consumer Products
/contactsap Contact SAP
/contentserver SAP Content Server
/contracts SAP Contract Departments
/conversionservices Harmonize and unify data
/crm SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM )
/crm-analytics SAP Customer Relationship Management Analytics
/customdev SAP Custom Development - Delivering Business Solutions for Unique Business Needs
/customdev-partnerservices Custom solution development and maintenance services for partners
/customdev-tdms SAP Test Data Migration Server
/customer-connection Customer Connection Program
/customerquotes SAP Customer Quote Center, What Are Our Customers saying about SAP Services and Support?
/data-archiving SAP Data Archiving
/db N/A
/db2 N/A
/dbams N/A
/dbaora SAP DBA on Oracle
/defense SAP for Defense & Security
/developmentnews SAP Development News
/diagnostics End-to-End Root Cause Analysis
/dvm Data Volume Management
/dvm Data Volume Management
/e2e End-to-End Solution Operations
/earlywatch SAP EarlyWatch Check
/ecatt SAP eCATT
/ecc SAP Enterprise Core Component
/eco SAP for Engineering, Construction & Operations
/education SAP Educational Services
/ehp-db SAP Enhancement Package Experience Database
/ehs Environment, Health, and Safety Management
/empowering SAP Empowering Program, Knowledge, Operations
/empoweringworkshops SAP Empowering Program, Knowledge, Operations /safeguarding
/enterprise SAP R/3 Enterprise (SAP ERP)
/enterprisesupport SAP Enterprise Support
/erp SAP ERP
/erp-ehp Enhancement Package Strategy
/erp-ehp-inst SAP ERP EHP Installation Guide
/erp-financials SAP ERP Financials
/erp-hcm SAP ERP Human Capital Management
/erp-operations SAP ERP Operations - Delivering Operational Excellence
/erp-treasury Treasury applications from SAP
/esacademy SAP Enterprise Support Academy
/euro Euro conversion
/ewa SAP EarlyWatch Alert
/factory SAP Business Technology Factory
/faqs SAP Support Portal FAQs
/feedback Feedback to SMP
/fi Financial Accounting
/findinnovation SAP Improvements & Innovations
/fiscalyearchange Actions you must perform when taking your SAP System into the next fiscal year
/fscm SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (SAP FSCM)
/gdpdu Grundsaetze zum Datenzugriff und zur Pruefbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen (GDPdU) Principles of data access and Verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU)
/getthedetails ACCELERATE YOUR INNOVATION - details on SAP Roadmaps
/glmig SAP General Ledger Migration
/globalization Globalization, Multinational Issues, Countries, Languages, Unicode
/goinglivecheck SAP GoingLive Check
/goinglive-fu SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade Check
/gss Guided Self Services
/gts Global Trade Services (GTS)
/guidefinder Upgrade/Installation guide finder to easily find SAP guides.
/ha N/A High Availability
SAP  HANA Appliance
/healthcare SAP for Healthcare
/help N/A
/higher-ed SAP for Higher Education & Research
/hightech SAP for High Tech
/hotnews SAP HotNews - Priority 1 SAP Notes
/hp N/A
/hr SAP ERP Human Capital Management  /erp-hcm
/hrsp HR Support Packages
/hrtime Time Management with SAP ERP HCM
/ibc N/A
/ibc-srm N/A
/ibf Internet-Business-Framework
/ibm SAP-IBM Competence Center
/icc Integration and Certification Center (ICC)
/ides Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System
/ids N/A
/ifr SAP Interface Repository
/ilm Information Lifecycle Management
/im Investment Management
/imc SAP for Industrial Machinery & Components
/img N/A
/inbox your SMP's inbox
/industries Industry-specific Solutions
/influence SAP Influence
SAP Business Suite 7 innovations 2010
SAP Business Suite 7 innovations 2011
SAP Innovation Webinars

/installations SAP Installations & Upgrades in the SAP Software Software Distribution Center (/swdc)
/inst-deletion SAP Software installation deletion - Clean Up Installations
/instguides Installation & Upgrade Guides
/instguidesEPM-BPC SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation Installation and Upgrade Information
/instguidesNW NetWeaver Installation & Upgrade Guides
/instguidesNW04 NW04 Installation & Upgrade Guides
/insurance SAP for Insurance
/internetadviser Internet Adviser
/isu N/A
/it-scenarios SAP IT scenarios
/itts IT Transformation Services
/j2ee Java, J2EE Technology
/java N/A
/knowledgecat Knowledge Catalog
/kpro Knowledge Provider
/kw SAP Knowledge Warehouse, Documentation, Training Materials, Quality Manuals
/languages Language Information
/learningsolution Enterprise Learning
/legalnotes SAP Legal Change Notes, search tool
/licenseauditing License Auditing Services
/licensekeys Request a permanent license key after installing or upgrading the SAP System
/lifesciences SAP for Life Sciences
/livecache SAP liveCache
/localization Localization
/login login to SMP
/lop Line Opener Program (LOP) - connection between customer and SAP can be opned in semi-automated way.
/lsmw Legacy System Migration Workbench
/lsp SAP for Logistics Service Providers
/maintenance Maintenance, MaxAttention, Standard Support
/maintenancecertificate Maintenance Certificate
/manufacturing SAP for Manufacturing
/march2013 March 31 2013:
End of Extended Maintenance for Older SAP Releases
/maxattention SAP MaxAttention
/mcod Multi Components in One Database
/media SAP for Media
/message Customer Messages
/microsoft SAP-Microsoft Competence Center
/migrationkey OS/DB Migration Keys
/mill SAP for Mill Products
/mining SAP for Mining
/mobile SAP Solutions for Mobile Business
/mopz N/A
/mp SAP Marketplace
/mss SAP Manager Self-Service
/myprofile Maintain your profile on SAP Market Place
/namespaces Development Namespaces
/netweaver SAP NetWeaver, Integration and Application Platform, Enterprise Services Architecture, Portal Infrastructure; Exchange Infrastructure; Web Services; SAP Web Application Server; Solution Life-Cycle Management, SAP Technology
/news N/A
/noteassistant Note Assistant
/notes SAP Notes
/notifications Maintain Notifications and Newsletter Subscriptions
/nw-ep SAP Enterprise Portal
/ocs-download Schedules for Support Packages
/ocs-schedules Schedules for Support Packages
/oilgas SAP for Oil & Gas
/okp SAP Online Knowledge Products
/operationsnw2004 NetWeaver 2004 Operations
/osdbmigration SAP OS/DB Migration Check
/pam Product Availability Matrix
/partners SAP Partners
/patches SAP Support Packages and Patches
/performance Measuring System Performance, Performance Benchmarks
/performance-scalability Performance and scalability: Performance – sizing – benchmarks
/pharmaceuticals SAP for Pharmaceuticals
/platforms Platform and Technology Information Center
/plm SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM)
/portaldemo sessions of personal demo of the SAP Support Portal.
/post SAP for Postal Services
/premiumsupport SAP Premium Support, the perfect offering for SAP customers whose business depends
on continued and effective business operations
/prod-conf SAP Customer Relationship Management Sales (myCRM Sales)
/professionalservices SAP for Postal Services
/publicsector SAP for Public Sector
/qm Quality Management
/questionaires N/A
/questionary N/A
/quicklinks Quick Links, same as this page :)
/quicksizer Quick Sizer
/quicksizing Quick Sizer, Internet-based Tool to make Sizing easier
/r2 SAP R/2
/r3 SAP R/3
/r3-plug-in SAP R/3 Plug-in for Components
/rampup SAP's Standardized Process for Introducing Solutions to the Market
/rbe N/A
/rds-bcm SAP Business Communications Management
/rds-bpcplanningecc SAP G/L Financial Planning rapid-deployment solution
/rds-cdi SAP Netweaver MDM for Customer Data Integration
/rds-crm SAP CRM for Sales, Service, and Marketing
/rds-crm-mobile Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM
/rds-crm-pipeline Rapid data migration to SAP CRM and Billing for Utilities
/rds-cust-seg SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management
/rds-DM4U SAP ERP for Subsidiary Rollout
/rds-ehsm SAP Employee and Manager Portal
/rds-erp-subsidiary-rollout SAP Extended Warehouse Management
/rds-ess-mss SAP SCM for Global Available-to-Promise (Global ATP) Check
/rds-ewm SAP ERP Reporting with HANA
/rds-gatp SAP ERP COPA Accelerator w/ HANA
/rds-hana-copa Sales pipeline analysis w/ HANA
/rds-hana-erp Customer Segmentation w/ HANA
/rds-itsdo SAP IT Service Desk Operation
/rds-mii-bm SAP IT Service Desk Operation
/rds-mii-em SAP MII for Batch Manufacturing
/rds-ppm SAP MII for Energy Analysis
/rds-pss SAP Portfolio Monitoring
/rds-s2e SAP Product Structure Synchronization for Bills of Materials
/rds-sent-int Strategy to Execution Virtualized Experience
/rds-snc SAP SNC for Customer Collaboration
/rds-sop SAP BusinessObjects Sales and Operations Planning
/rds-spm SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management
/rds-spp SAP Service Parts Planning
/rds-srm-ssp SAP SRM Self-Service Procurement
/rds-ssf-fin SAP Shared Service Framework for Financials
/rds-trm SAP Treasury and Risk Management
/re SAP ERP Corporate Services: SAP Real Estate Management
/recordsmanagement SAP Records Management, Business Documents within Records, Business Processing, Document Management, System Integration, Workflow
/releasenotes Release Notes
/releasestrategy SAP's Release Strategy
/remotelearning Remote Learning for Delta Training
/remote-supportability Remote Supportability
/reporting N/A
/request-help Request help
/request-user Request Your User ID for the SAP Service Marketplace Including all Related Portals
/reset-pw Request a New Password for SMP access
/retail SAP for Retail
/reviewprogram Project Review Program, quality audit, project review, solution review, technical review, modification review
/rfc-library SAP NetWeaver RFC Library
/rkt Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer, Workshops, Learning
/rkt-alm Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP Application LifeCycle Management
/rkt-banking Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Banking
/rkt-bo-bi Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions
/rkt-businesssuite SAP Online Knowledge Products for SAP Business Suite
/rkt-cp Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Consumer Products
/rkt-defense Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Defense & Security
/rkt-dimp Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Discrete Industries & Mill Products
/rkt-duet Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: Duet Enterprise & Duet
/rkt-eim Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP BusinessObjects EIM solutions
/rkt-epm Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions
/rkt-erp SAP ERP
/rkt-fbs-acs Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: Focused Business Solutions/Adaptable Custom Solutions
/rkt-grc Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions
/rkt-hana Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA)
/rkt-healthcare Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Healthcare
/rkt-her Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Higher Education & Research
/rkt-insurance Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Insurance
/rkt-manufacturing Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP Manufacturing
/rkt-mbs Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Mobile Business
/rkt-media Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Media
/rkt-netweaver Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP NetWeaver
/rkt-npdi Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI)
/rkt-oilgas Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Oil & Gas
/rkt-professionalservices Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Professional Services
/rkt-ps Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Public Sector
/rkt-rds Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions
/rkt-retail Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Retail
/rkt-sam Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP Service and Asset Management
/rkt-services Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP Services
/rkt-smb Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP Solutions for Small and Midsize Enterprises
/rkt-solman SAP Online Knowledge Products: SAP Solution Manager
/rkt-sustainability Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP Solutions for Sustainability
/rkt-telecommunications Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Telecommunications
/rkt-utilities Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer: SAP for Utilities  
/roadmap SAP Road Maps
/rollin INTRO: SAP Rollin of DRQs (C & P)
/rsc Remote Support Component for SAP BusinessObjects
/runfactory Run SAP like a Factory
/runsap Run SAP Methodology
/safeguarding SAP Safeguarding Services
/sam SAP Service and Asset Management
/sap N/A
/sapdb MaxDB
/sapgui SAP GUI Family
/saplt-software SAP Landscape Transformation
/saplt-solutionmap SAP Landscape Transformation - Product and service offering
/sapportals SAP Portal
/sapserv SAP for Service Providers Industries
/sapterm N/A
/saptutor SAP Tutor
/sbo N/A
/sbocustomer N/A
/sbop-directories Address Directories & Reference Data
/sbop-downloads Address Directories & Reference Data
/sbop-updates SAP BusinessObjects Notifications
/scenarios N/A
/scl Scenario & Process Component List. Realization Alternatives for SAP Solutions, Business Scenarios, and Processes
/scm SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM)
/search SAP Service Marketplace Search
/security Security Management with SAP NetWeaver
/securitycontacts List of your Security Contacts
/securityguide SAP Security Guides
/securitynotes SAP Security Notes
/sem Strategic Enterprise Management in SAP ERP
/sepa Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
/servicecat SAP Service Catalog
/serviceconnection Open and maintain a Service Connection to use SAP's Remote Services
/service-management SAP Solution for Service and Asset Management
/serviceprovider SAP for Service Providers
/servicesmap SAP Customer Services Network Solution Map
/sharedservices SAP Shared Service Platform
/side-effects SP Stack Download & Side effect report
/sie N/A
/siemens N/A
/sizing Sizing the SAP Business Suite
/slo System Landscape Optimization Services, Consulting Services, Conversion Services
/sltoolset Software Logistics Toolset
/sma SAP Solution Management Assessment Service
/smallbusiness N/A
/smartforms SAP Smart Forms, Tool for Form Creation, Web Forms
Small and Midsize Business Information
SAP Business One Customer Portal
/smbsolutions Small and Midsize Business Information
/sme N/A
/smo SAP Solution Management Optimization Services, Performance, Integration, Archiving, Administration
/smp Information on SAP Service Marketplace Portals
/smp-learningmaps Learning Maps about the SAP Support Applications
/snc N/A
/soa N/A
/softwarepartner SAP Software Partners
/solman-mopz Maintenance Optimizer
/solutionmanager SAP Solution Manager
/solutionmanagerbp SAP Solution Manager
/solutionpackages SAP Rapid Deployment solutions
/sos SAP Security Optimization Service
/split-mirror N/A
/spManager SAP Support Packages in Detail
/sp-stacks SAP Support Package Stacks
/srm SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM)
/srm-inst N/A
/sscr SAP Software Change Registration, object registration, developer registration
/sso-smp Single Sign-On with SAP Passports - Access the SAP Service Marketplace without having to enter your user-ID and password
/ssp SAP Support Portal (SSP)
/standardsupport SAP Standard Support
/super-admins See your supervisor on Market Place
/support Main page of Marketplace
/supportapps Information on the development of the SAP's Support applications
/supportcenters Adressen der SAP Support Center weltweit
/support-infrastructure Information on the strategy of SAP support infrastructure (SAP Solution Manager, SAP Support Portal, SAPNet R/3 Frontend (OSS))
/supportofferings More SAP Support Offerings
/supportservices SAP Active Global Support Service Offerings
/supportstandards SAP Standards for Solution Operations
/supporttools Support Packages for SAP Solution Manager (ST), Support Tools Plug-In (ST-PI), Service Tools for Applications (ST-A/PI), Note Assistant
/support-welcome Get Accustomed to the SAP Support Portal in Only a Few Minutes
/swcat SAP Software Catalog
/swcenter SAP Software Distribution Center
/swcenter-3pmain N/A
/swcenter-main SAP Software Distribution Center
/swdc SAP Software Distribution Center, Download.
/swdc-addinfo SP Stack Information
Sybase Support


Sybase Support
/sybase-case-express Sybase Case-Express
/sybase-spdc Sybase Product Download Center
/systemcopy N/A
/system-data View and maintain your system data
/systemmanagement SAP NetWeaver, System Management, Monitoring, CCMS
/system-overview System Data Overview Report
/tco Total Cost of Ownership
/tcs SAP Trust Center Services
/tcsrootcert N/A
/tdms SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS)
/telecommunications SAP for Telecommunications
/tm Travel Management
/topnotes SAP TopNotes
/trainingcatalog Training Catalog
/transportation SAP Service Providers, Transportation Industries
/trex SAP NetWeaver Search and Classification (TREX)
/trust SAP Trust Center Services
/uda Upgrade Dependency Analyzer
/uddi Universal Description, Discovery and Integration; Web Services, XML
/ufg SAP Upgrade Focus Group
/ui User Interfaces, Web Dynpro, SAP GUI Family, Mobile UI, Graphics, Usability, Acessibility
/unicode SAP Unicode Center
/unicode@sap SAP Unicode @ SAP
/upgrade SAP Upgrade Info Center
/upgrade-bi SAP BI Upgrade Info Center
/upgrade-bw SAP BW Upgrade Info Center
/upgrade-crm SAP CRM Upgrade Info Center
/upgradedb SAP Upgrade Experience Database
/upgrade-ep SAP EP Upgrade Info Center
/upgrade-erp SAP ERP Upgrade Info Center
/upgrade-news Upgrade Newsletter
/upgradenow Upgrade Now! Program
/upgrade-nw SAP SCM Upgrade Info Center
/upgraderoadmap SAP Upgrade Roadmap
/upgrade-scm SAP SCM Upgrade Info Center
/upgradeservices SAP upgrade services
/upgrade-srm SAP SRM Upgrade Info Center
/upgradetech SAP SRM Upgrade technical Info Center
/upgradetools Upgrade Tools
/usability-faq SAP Support Portal Usability Studies FAQ
/user-admin User Data Maintenance
/usergroups About User Groups
/utilities SAP for Utilities
/webdynpro Web Dynpro
/wholesale SAP for Wholesale
/workbaio SAP Software Order Form (BAiO, SBOP, Sybase)
/workflow WebFlow is the SAP business processes management solution for driving and defining workflows or eProcesses in all SAP components
/work-instguides N/A
/xapps SAP xApps Composite Applications
/xml N/A
/xSEARCH SAP Support Knowledge Base Search

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