Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Applications on SAP Service Market Place (SMP)

After posting a quick links to Service Market Place (SMP) a while ago I’m posting here few useful applications on SMP. More less those application are nothing else just SAP’s Business Server Pages (BSP) or WebDynpro (WD) based application helping SAP’s customers in specific areas.

As an example we can take a QuickSizer tool. It is used by customer and partner to estimate HW sizing of deployments for SAP software. Application as itself is in this case developed in BSP. There are more great tools providing information available on SMP.

I’m sure there are many more useful applications out here on SMP however we are as much get used of them that we are even do not mention it.

Support Package Browser
Provides in depth info on Support Packages. As a parameter (sp1) you provide SP no in form consists of particular SP name and no. E.g. in case of BW version 7.3 and SP no 4 parameter name is: SAPKW73004.
Within the tool you have a possibility to browse (per Note sub/component) all the notes SP is comprised of. Further you can see object list, see Notes side effects and finally download SP.
SWDC Stack Applica
Tool for browsing Support Packages Stack Schedules. You can see there when particular SPS will be released e.g. in each quarter, calendar week etc.
Toll for quick search of different SAP guides: e.g. installation, maintenance, monitoring, operations, planning, system copies, upgrade etc. guides.

Tools covers sizing phase of SAP projects. You get calculations on no of CPUs, disks, memory and I/O resources based on throughput numbers of planned applications.

Product Availability Matrix: Gives overview of availability for all SAP products. Mostly focus on technical information about software (support platforms (OS/DB/JAVA)). Plus its availability and maintenance end dates, upgrade paths, as well as technical release information.
You can add any of SMP page to so called favorites similar to your web browser’s favorites/bookmarks. Functionality is accessible on top horizontal SMP’s bar near myProfile and myInbox links.
Searching for solution/Creation/Processing of customer message
Customer Quote Center
Search tool with customer quotes that were stated in terms of their experience with SAP Enterprise Support. You can search for quote per region/country/industry/SAP Solution Manager Process/customer name…
SAP Landscape Planner

Offers the visualization of the customer landscape, planning of changes and analysis of the impact in the landscape based on landscape data available in the customer profile. A landscape plan created to define the scope and target of planned changes can be consumed by the Maintenance Optimizer (MOpz).

– Update 08/08/2011 – 
Guide Finder app added 

– Update 13/09/2011 – 
Customer Quote Center added 

– Update 21/03/2013 – 
SAP Landscape Planner added

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