Monday, August 1, 2011

Netviewer? Not NetWeaver?

We as all are SAP guys we are aware of NetWeaver. Right? But sometimes and especially if you worked with SAP Support Organization (OSS) (or so called Service Market Place (SMP)) people you might have heard about Netviewer. So what it is all about? 

Basically Netviewer is a 3rd party tool (developed by Netviewer AG, now part of citrix) used by SAP Support Organization to connect to your computer in order to see issues live as they appear on their customers computers. Netviewer is for the time being official and by this default tool for Desktop connection from SAP Support. 

The tool itself is very easy to use. You just need to download one *.exe file from internet. They you just run it and enter session no that was provided to you by SAP support (SAP processor). Then you click Connect. Confirm sharing screen with SAP. By this SAP support people can see your screen (specific windows or desktop). After session is over there is an *.exe file left on your hard drive with video of all the session capture. 
You can view session by NetPlayer which is downloadable here.

Just remember do not mix Netviewer with Netweaver :-)

Few SAP Notes as reference:

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