Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Transaction SAPBWNEWS

Have you ever try to run transaction SAPBWNEWS in some SAP BW systems? For me it never works; it just displays empty screen. TA is linked with ABAP program called SAPBWNEWS_PRINT which is suppose to displays a SAP note with description about available Support Packages (SP) for your SAP BW system. Similar usage of this; is to give you an access to a readme file with the latest news about the BW patch. Usually we are suppose to see same text which contains the information in *SAPBWNEWS* SAP notes after implementing any Support Package (SP) or Patch. The SAPBWNEWS notes used to provide the latest news on BW maintenance strategy like availability of new SPs, new functionality available etc. Since SAP introduced Support Package Stack (SPS) within SAP NetWeaver (from SAP BW point of view versions of BW 3.5 and onwards are part of SAP NetWeaver 04.) those *SAPBWNEWS* notes are not maintained anymore.

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