Sunday, May 4, 2008

SAP BI and EURO conversion

Conversion to euro is very hot topic especially on middle European countries markets. Currently Slovakia is very close to euro accession and it seems that Slovak Crown as a Slovak national currency will be replaced by euro by 1st of January 2009. Hence there is a large demand for SAP consulting services to get SAP software be ready for euro conversion. Main focus is on ECC (former R/3) applications but BI/BW solution from SAP is not standing beyond. What does mean such a euro adoption from BW point of view? It should not be a big deal because a lot of customers had implemented BW in a way to be able switch currency on the flight while running BW reports. It might be a case that you want to convert all data in your cubes to euro only; then it is useful to use standard BW’s ABAP report called RSEURO. Here you choose cubes for conversion; you do specify which key figures from this cube will be converted, conversion as it self is done as background job (RS_EURO_CONVERTER). You proceed in a similar way for fixed currencies. In case of fixed currency InfoObjects cubes with such a IO must be converted in one shot. You do this by using RSEURO as well. This tool has some limitation with regards of Key figures that have currencies as master data attributes. These cannot be converted by this toll. It is limited to key figures in cubes and PSAs. Notice that using of this tool may lead to performance issues in case of large sets of data. Always check OSS

Refer to SAP note 327741 - Euro conversion for BW for further details. Other useful notes:

327741 - Euro conversion for BW
376976 - Euro conversion in the BW System
390359 - Euro conversion for SEM
369170 - Euro conversion: Poor performance during cube conversion
379026 - Euro conversion: poor performance w/ PSA conversion
446683 - Euro conversion: poor performance for cube conversion

-       Update 15.12.2012 – 

For projects converting of euro from Slovak Crown (Slovenska Koruna, SKK) see following note:

1273778 - Currency conversion from SSK into Euro in SAP BW

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