Monday, April 28, 2008

Easter eggs in ABAP

SAP consultant needs to debug ABAP source code very often. While digging in it you can reveal sense of humor of ABAPers who programmed it. Current version of SAP’s flagship ECC (former R/3) is quite matured where you can find code from early 90’s till recent days. Of course most of code was probably written in Germany by Germans but you can feel a mix of different cultures in involved in this code. Here in ABAP we cannot talk about real Easter eggs like we know them from other software but still some ABAP style eggs are really funny. Either it is comment from frustrated OSS development support guy who was trying to fix program according customer needs or from development angel who’s got assignment for some implementation project or any other buffoons; you can find forgotten break points statements (BREAK SH!T.) for really funny user names; some of comments are provided in different languages etc. One blog which is collecting such an Easter eggs in ABAP is here; huge collection has site.

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Who is sam hawkins? - the singer maybe? the programmer?