Saturday, May 3, 2008

DDIC table types for BI objects

Main distinguishing is based on standard object (Business Content) starting with /BI0/* and customs one with /BIC/*.

SID table (traditional): /BI0/S* or /BIC/S*

SID table time dependent attr: /BIO/Y* or /BIC/Y*

SID table non time depended attr: /BI0/X* or /BIC/X*

SID table hierarchy: /BIO/K* or /BIC/K*

SID-structure hierarchy table: /BIO/I* or /BIC/I*

View: /BI0/M* or /BIC/P*

Master data table for non time depend. attr: /BI0/P* or /BIC/P*

Master data table for time dependent attr: /BIO/Q* or /BIC/Q*

Text table: /BI0/T* or /BIC/X*

Hierarchy table: /BIO/H* or /BIC/H*

Dimension tables: /BIO/D* or /BIC/D*

Fact tables: /BIO/F* or /BIC/F*

Compressed Fact tables: /BIO/E* or /BIC/E*

Shadow table of fact tables: /BIO/4F* or /BIC/4F*

Shadow table of compressed fact tables: /BIO/4E* or /BIC/4E*

Open hub generated destination: /BIO/OH* or /BIC/OH*

Partner or customer-specific namespace: /XYZ/

Special SAP namespaces for generated objects:

- prefixes 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*, 6*, 7*, 8* are required in BW for DataSources and InfoSources in special SAP applications.

- prefix 9A* is required for the SAP APO application.

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