Saturday, March 1, 2008

SAP Business Intelligence Platform Roadmap

Surely; after acquisition of Business Objects (BOBJ) SAP has renewed its BI strategy to reflect newly acquired products to its BI portfolio. Some time has passed and in February; almost a half a year after acquiring company is coming with new BI roadmap. So what BI tool will stay as originally developed by SAP and what will be replaced by „better“ BOBJ products?

According this strategy there are several areas of both companies products integration. In case of reporting basically BEx suite of application will become less and less important in future and will be removed by BOBJ’s Crystal Reports / Crystal Reports Light. Within dash boarding tools SAP’s Web Application Designer will be replaced by BOBJ’s Xcelsius combined with Dashboard Builder. For OLAP Analyses SAP’s Bex Web/Excel Analyzer will be combined with BOBJ’s Voyager and it will become a tool called Pioneer. In area of data quality and master data services; SAP MDM and BOBJ DQ will join in Master Data Management+.

See whole strategy here. For regular updates of BOBJ integration check SDN BOBJ section; keep an eye on SDN BOBJ Forum plus some sites with overall information:

- update 10/25/2008 –
Version of 08/2008
Version as of August 2008 of BI roadmap was published on SDN. Mostly discussing BOBJ components of SAP BI strategy. Evolution of BI is depicted as well: BI Tools => BI Suite => Process-Centric BI. Plus further strategies within SAP BI products portfolio.

- update 02/23/2009 –
Version of 02/2009
Is available at SDN’s link.

- update 09/13/2009 –
As SDN site is being changed quite often most of link provided above is not working.Therefore I decided to put all the road maps available over time in this blog. So see how road map has evolved:

NW BI Roadmap August 2008 NW BI Roadmap Feb 2009

- update 01/15/2010 –
SAP NW BW 73 Overview and Roadmap April2011

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