Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WD4A – WebDynpro for ABAP

Want to start with WD4A? All you need is miniSAP at least NetWeaver 7.0 and lot of time. Go to the TA SE80 choose “web dynpro Component/ Intf.” and search for demo application called: salv_wd_demo_table_cv. Copy it to customer namespace Z* and start to learn it by modifying it.

Here’s output in web browser.

A few words about technology at the beginning: Web Dynpro is a development and runtime environment used to create professional user interfaces for business applications powered by NetWeaver. It provides a declarative meta model for developing Web applications, without writing much programming code. From this abstract definition, Web Dynpro generates code to create a ready-to-run Web application for different runtime platforms and frontend technology. This development environment is enabling to model and develop professional applications based on browser technology, including a standards-based, device-independent complete runtime environment. Web Dynpro bridges the gap between different platforms such as J2EE, ABAP and Microsoft.NET, and between different Internet browsers and mobile platforms.

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