Sunday, February 24, 2008

Funniest SAP notes ever

Here are my top forty funniest SAP notes I’ve ever gone through:

  1. A lot of notes saying: “No documentation”.
  2. 67739 - Priorities of problem messages – Yes, always better to prioritize your work.
  3. Note saying: “Obsolete!” – Everybody gets older.
  4. 397871 - Solution only possible via customer project – self explanatory
  5. Some note saying: “unfortunately” – You mean fortunately?
  6. 987267 - SAP Expert Forums - link to OSS refers to SDN.
  7. A lot of notes saying: “EN Caution: Translation Not Current!” or “This note is in the selected version / language not up to date” – OK, switch to German.
        For details on this message see here.
  1. 7 - Error caused by customer modification/development – Big brother is watching you
  2. A note saying: “There is no error.” – Is there/was there an error? Let me think about it.
  3. 197504 - We will close your message - SAP AG – do not  mess with mammy
  4. A lot of notes saying: “You must refer to the following notes: Note ” – Let’s implement everything!
  5. 1 - Customer reports that problem is resolved – What’s up then?
  6. A note saying: “recommended with restriction” – Who wants be restricted?
  7. 46962 - More information required – Everybody needs information.
  8. Some note saying: “It is not clear which” – I have a doubts about myself either, so what?
  9. 2 - Customer action not performed -> Message closed – Need something?
  10. Note saying: “various problems” – Life’s so different.
  11. 1006335 - Priority 'Very High' for messages for SAP Best Practices – Always be best.
  12. Note saying: “If you find a relevant note” – Who? Me???
  13. 9 - Error cannot be reproduced -> No solution – It so simple, why worried about?
  14. A note saying: “try to deimplement this note or another note” – Let’s dig in thousands notes.
  15. Note saying: “cannot be solved” – Really???
  16. 11 - Requested function not contained in standard system – Do you really need it?
  17. Note saying: “may cause major problems” – Help! My problem can be bigger?
  18. 13 - Functionality present in a newer release – Hurry up to upgrade…
  19. 15 - Problem not related to SAP (hardware, operating system, ... – Think twice please…
  20. 418347 - RHDOCCPL: The entry object type is always 'O' – there’s a phrase “shit planning” used text of message (sorry about that) J
  21. 18 - Functionality planned for a future release – Why are you so in hurry?
  22. 20 - Inquiry implemented without development request – We are masters of disasters!
  23. 19 - Inquiry has been converted into development request – Just be patient!
  24. 61 - Possible side effect for an SAP note – Be aware of side kicks.
  25. 62 - SAP suspects that an SAP note version has to be corrected – It is up to you!
  26. 978089 - LIS/BW-BCT: Reproducible example requested – C’m!
  27. 403191 - Prompt message processing – Pay monkeys get peanuts.
  28. 170272 - What to consider when applying advance developments – Be careful!
  29. 736045 - Complaints concerning SAP AG service & support - who is to be blamed?
  30. 732082 - Wrong Query Result or No Data found when using Pre Query – “probably valid”? Do you really mean that?
  31. 1026749 - Hierarchies: Consistency check for duplicate nodes – “there is uncertainty” – What a nice.
  32. 370928 - Good OSS messages for BW-BCT
  33. 375631 - Extract of BW Support Strategy – Strategy is very important. Does somebody have it?

P.S. to all SAP Active Global Support (AGS) people: This doesn’t mean that I have something against a job you are everyday doing. Just to be sure; at the end everybody depends on you: partners, consultants and customers. Good job, we rely on you.


Anonymous said...

Funny :)

Anonymous said...

There's actually a good reason for a lot of these notes. If a SAP Support colleague wants to set a support incident to 'Solution Provided' The internal BCP system requires them to reference a SAP note. Often there is no technical note that applies. Many of the note in the 01-20 range are there specifically for this.

Martin Maruskin said...

Thanks for a comment. I think we all understand all these Notes however they may still sound funny. If I may ask what is BCP system? SAP internal tool for handling customer calls/messages?