Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Something about SAPConsole

SAP as a big vendor of software for logistics’ companies was trying to deliver its customer solution how to view/enter data in not very convenient form e.g. in warehouses when logistic guy is struggling to confirm goods recipient document. For such a person it is crucial benefit to access its information system not only from his desk but from any place in warehouse. He needs to work with system while he is processing any goods or managing stocks. For that kind of users SAP provided solution call SAPConsole which translates SAP GUI screens to character based screens which are commonly used portable/smart/palm/handheld/terminals computers where wide of screen is limited. Such a device is communicating with server based on radio frequency (RF) control. SAP started to offer such a solution with the version 3.0H of SAP R/3. RF possibility has origin back in 90’s of last century when SAP became partnering and afterwards bough company called OFEK-tech. At that time this company was focusing on market of warehouse management solutions. With this solution SAP enhanced its initiative of “Mobile Data Entry” (component LE-MOB in online SAP help) functionality within Logistics Execution System (LES) in version 4.6B of SAP R/3. In here transaction specially to be displayed on RF devices was offered.

Mobile Data Entry is supporting various processes in warehouse like following:

  • Goods receipts and issues
  • Picking
  • Putaway
  • Interleaving
  • Inventory counting
  • Loading and unloading

For details see Warehouse Management system (WMS) documentation.

The software behind this solution is SAPConsole. Basically SAPConsole enables displaying of standard frontend SAP GUI component for character-cell environments. Technically speaking SAPConsole is provides for the connection to the R/3 backend and the exchange of information with between backend and client terminal. The exchanged information is usually in the form of descriptions of screen elements and their contents. SAPConsole comprise of the following elements:

  • SAPConsole Interface module
  • SAPConsole Administration environment
  • I/O Engine

SAPConsole is also responsible for managing the interaction between user and screens. However it does lack of ability to perform any actual I/O operations. Then it uses an I/O Engine an additional software component; through which all SAPConsole user-related I/O operations are performed.

During dot com boom in late 90’s SAP re-branded SAPConsole to new name "SAP Web Console (Web SAP Console)". Refer to term “SAP/WEBSAPConsole” on OSS.

SAPConsule server is delivered with every installation of SAP GUI up to 6.40 versions. In newest version of SAP GUI it is not delivered anymore. Due to fact that for many years SAP delivered it with SAP GUI; SAP Console has been unnecessarily installed on numerous clients and not just on a few servers as it should be. Therefore one of new features of SAP GUI 7.10 (NWSAPSetup) is able to customize other applications to be installable with SAP GUI.

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