Tuesday, October 7, 2014

SAP Kernel and its types of releases

SAP Kernel similarly as kernel of operating system is an central module of SAP application server type of ABAP. It is a basis for all programs executed by ABAP AS. It does represent interface between OS that hosts SAP app and SAP app itself. Physically the kernel is represented by process running on OS (disp+work). SAP AS kernel is loaded first while SAP system is starting up. It provides all essential services (e.g. memory management) required by SAP application components. It is programmed in C/C++ programming language. There are methods in the kernel that are implemented in the kernel of the ABAP runtime environment instead of in an ABAP program.

What are different types of SAP kernel?

720_REL - standard SAP Kernel, which is downward compatible with older versions of OS and database clients. It was compiled on older versions of OS Compilers and linked to older database client libraries.

720_EXT - new extended kernel, which is released for recent OS releases and database clients. It does not support older versions of operating system platforms.

UC - UniCode enabled kernel

More information:

1629598 - SAP Kernel 720 will replace older kernel versions

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