Saturday, December 19, 2020

t-code RSPM_MONITOR - BW Process Monitor

Within highest SPs of BW version 7.4 (higher than SP08) in BW version 7.5  (higher than SP03) and in BW/4HANA there is a t-code RSPM_MONITOR available to support BW Process Monitoring in general. Its purpose is to manage load request of aDSO objects.

There is a handful of things can be achieved in this t-code:

1. Changing process status: Active data load request (process) can be forcefully set to red. There is an icon “Change status to red” available for this operation on toolbar. Technically done by ABAP program report RSPM_CLOSE_FAILED_PROCESSES.

2. Monitor the process: The BW process can be monitored. Directly here either in the t-code RSPM_MONITOR or user can jump to the particular DTP, Process Chain or to Manage screen of the involved InfoProvider. 

Notice that since BW 75 a terminology changed a little bit. Data load term is in high level referred as process. This t-code serves to handle all process regardless of what they are. By the process following operations in BW are considered:

·        DTP Load Data (DTP_LOAD)

·        API Load Data (DATA_LOAD)

·        Move Requests (MOV_REQ)

·        Delete Request (DEL_REQ)

·        Activate DSO (ADSO_ACT)

·        Integrated Planning (PLAN)

·        Selective Deletion (SELDEL)

·        Deletion of Master Data (MD_DEL)

·        Remodeling (ADSO_REMOD)

·        DSO Table Conversion (REORG)

·        Data Mart (DMART)

·        Set manually status of Load Request (DTPR_UST)


The t-code support regular BW data loads request in form of:

·        Request ID (e.g. DTPR_59IOI42WSEVCH90JCT5TCKNZZ)

·        SID (e.g. 395.609)

·        Process Transaction Sequence Number (TNS, e.g. {2020-12-15 17:52:27 000001 CET})


More information:

2574738 - aDSO: Data target &1 is locked by process &2

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