Tuesday, December 8, 2020

ABAP code Syntax highlighting in SAP GUI

Settings of ABAP editor that is represented by t-codes like SE24, SE38, SE37, SE80, etc. can be customized in SAP GUI. For developers the settings related to code syntax highlighting are quite important. Via maintaining the settings it is possible to set things like background color (e.g. to my favorite black). The settings are available within any container of the ABAP Edit – in to-codes mentioned above. There in right down corner there is a small icon representing Editor’s option.

Here one can configure all possible setting from fonts/color, code completion/templates, formatting, keyboard keys, print etc.

The settings itself is stored in file abap_spec.xml stored under folder (on WINDOWS OS) c:\users\<usr>\AppData\Roaming\SAP\SAP GIU\ABAP Editor.

As there are many settings to customized one may prefer to get settings customized already. There is a repositories available at github having few settings set on. These themes are called ab4 themes:





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