Friday, September 11, 2020

Not possible to run ABAP program in Eclipse environment?

Following situation usually happens when someone starts with ABAP development in ABAP from Eclipse (so called ABAP in Eclipse (AiE)). It is either SAP HANA Studio or just regular Eclipse (version like Neon, Photon, etc.) they all use ABAP Development Tools (ADT). The ADT is suite of Eclipse plug-ins that enable the Eclipse to connect to the SAP NetWeaver system and do the ABAP development from the Eclipse. Doing ABAP development in the Eclipse; replaces t-codes like SE80/Se38/SE37 etc.

For freshers when they start with the new SAP system and try to make an attempt to run their ABAP programs in the Eclipse there can below error message popping up:

"Skip Initial Screen" is not permitted for transaction SADT_START_WB_URI

    Message No. 00131


    "Skip Initial Screen" is not permitted for transaction &

System Response

    You tried to start the transaction & with the option "Skip Initial

    Screen" using an SAPGUI shortcut, a start transaction, or a URL.


    This is not permitted with this transaction.

Procedure for System Administration

In order to fix this; following entries need to be added into the view V_TSTCS:



Other option is to disable profile parameter dynp/checkskip1screen completely. As the latter option is normally to be done by SAP Basis the first option is more feasible. The view/parameter carries a client-specific checks on whether it is permitted to start a transaction with the “Skip Initial Screen” option.

Enjoy coding in the Eclipse :)

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