Thursday, July 16, 2020

Deleting BW Master Data

There are few possibilities how to delete master data in SAP BW. Normally this activity is done via SAP GUI. There are few possibilities how to do it.

1. RSA1 -> InfoObject/InfoProv right click -> Delete Master Data


Selection report of the report is similar to popup that follows after right click -> Delete Master Data on InfoObject

3. Master Data Maintance (WebDynpro app)
While user is in RSA1 in InfoObjects area or in t-code RSD1 there is a button Maintain available that triggers webdynpro (WD) application called rsdmdm_md_maintenance_app. The WD allows master data maintenance like adding, deleting and changing the master data.

The WD app was introduced in BW74. I wrote about it here. If someone does not like the WD way of MD maintenance there is still a chance to go back to SAP GUI way.

Also comparing how fast is the data maintenance done via WD vs SAP GUI the GUI way wins. For example deletion of few records done in WD takes sometimes minutes whereas in the SAP GUI it is matter of seconds based on my experience.

In a newer versions of BW system that use Hana Studio (Eclipse based) the maintenance of master data is going on there. In the newest BW like BW/4 it is done via a new web based tool called “SAP BW∕4HANA Cockpit”. See online docu here.

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