Sunday, July 28, 2019

Planning (e.g. APO) requests in BW InfoProviders

Planning application like APO, BPC, IP etc. are using special data load request type. Normally planning data is stored under one Request ID that starts with prefix 'APO_*' in real-time InfoProviders. One can observe it in Manage screen of a BW info provider in this way. I mentioned those APO_* request already my earlier post here.

Information about the APO_* requests are visible in tables RSREQDONE and RSSELDONE however not much information about them is available (no InfoSource, DataSource and so on). Most of information available in these tables is the same that can be found in Manage screen of a BW info provider. However
In administration of an InfoCube, the "Type Of Data Update" field is not filled in the request list if there is an APO request.

Since almost nothing exists for APO requests (no Source/InfoSource, DataSource, Source System and so on), the type of data update for the APO request is also unclear. Just a "Type of Data Update" field is populated with the "Full Update" value.

In addition, notice that a data, which was loaded into a real-time InfoProv via an InfoPackage/DTP (so-called BW load of BW request), cannot be changed with the Demand Planning. Thus if key figure not zero and it originates from BW request then the key figure becomes a read-only. Such KF needs to be copied to other if it needs to be changed in the planning app.

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