Wednesday, July 10, 2019

How to find out backend job name for BPC Package execution

All BPC Packages during they run time they are executed by SAP Job in SAP BW backend system. Sometime it is useful to have a look at these jobs in case some issue occurred and one needs to analyze it.

In case of BPC Package investigation starts in EPM add-in in menu Data Manager -> View Status -> View Package Status. Here in column called SEQ is a generated string that uniquely identifies run time of the BPC Package.

With that, SEQ ID we go to SAP BW backend into table called UJD_STATUS (BPC: Package Status). The value of SEQ ID column we put to LOG_ID (Log-ID of a Process Chain Run) field and as a result, in JOB_NAME field we get the real SAP job name that can be further investigated in e.g. t-code SM37.

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