Monday, July 29, 2019

What is SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office, edition for SAP Analytics Cloud

As per SAP's "BI Convergence Strategy 2018" there is an edition of  SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office (AfO) that works with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). It is called "SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office, edition for SAP Analytics Cloud" - "AfO-SAC". This means that AfO-SAC is integrated to SAC so there will be in future just one solution that integrates with both on premise and cloud-based data sources. This is what SAP calls as bridging the gap between cloud and on-premise systems.

In particular within AfO-SAC can: consume models (including both models analytics and planning ones) from SAC (an SAC connection can be created in AfO-SAC = as data source), store AfO workbooks in SAC environment, store AfO workbooks having SAC models as data sources locally, working with SAC hierarchies, enter planning data of SAC planning model in a crosstab in AfO analysis (front-end cell locking is used), etc.

Although that there are currently many restriction within the products (see online docu and roadmap) the AfO-SAC is being heavily developed together with strong support on SAP BW backend side. Which with the newest SP 16 (soon to be released) for BW 7.5 version is a kind of “go-to release” for all organizations that wants to use SAC.

As of AfO version 2.7 the AfO-SAC version follow the original AfO versions. Just it is market as different component - ANALYSISOFFICE_FOR_SAC.

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