Monday, July 29, 2019

Not possible to change DTP package size

I faced recently a situation when it was not possible to change package size of DTP. I entered the DTP in edit mode but field change package was disabled for changes. I tried to reactivate the DTP but it did not help neither. I also tried to delete data requests that was produced by that DTP from infoprovider and again it did not help. Finally, I removed semantics groups from TRFN and/or DTP and it was possible to change package size from DTP UI so the field became possible to be editable.

I researched this topic a bit a came across few SAP Notes (see below) that discuss this situation. There is a report RSBKDTPREPAIR_MAXSIZE available that determines such a “erroneous” DTPs and corrects them by re-activating them again. It is possible to run the report in simulation mode get a list affected DTPs. In addition, the report can prepare BW transport for or without it and as well to run it for selected DTPs only.

More information:
1521135 - DTP package size is too large (more than two billion)
1595541 - Extension of the report RSBKDTPREPAIR_MAXSIZE

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