Wednesday, March 9, 2016

White / Black Lists

In general similar to any other industry or area of people's interests also in terms of SAP we talk about white and black lists.

Basically anything which is on the white list is approved or recognized or just simply speaking it is considered to be safe. On other hand anything which is on the black list is forbidden, unknown or just not safe.

In terms of SAP we can talk similarly here in here about programming objects. It can be also an access to certain objects where there are some objects that can be accessed (while list) and objects to which an access is denied (black list).

Let focus on e.g. RFC function modules. Some of them can be protected by authorization and therefore are on the white list. Access to some other RFC FM can be forbidden and they are put to black list. Usually the RFC FM are protected by authorization object S_RFC.

last update: 07/08/2018

1664340 - Documentation of authorization object S_RFC is unclear

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