Thursday, March 10, 2016

Qlikview's SAP connectors

Qlikview is popular BI tool used also by organization running SAP BW systems as frontend tool. As every tool that is used on top of the SAP BW it needs to extract the data from out of the BW and render it to user. To do this Qlikview uses so called SAP Connector.

There are following types of SAP Connector’s delivered by Qlikview:

Connectors for Any SAP systems:        Purpose:
Qlikview SAP SQL Connector                    Connector for any DB table in the SAP system.
QlikView SAP Report Connector                Connector for SAP ABAP reports.
Qlikview SAP Query Connector                 Connector for classic SAP Query.
QlikView SAP Extractor Connector             Connector for DataSources in SAP system .delivered by SAP BW API
Qlikview SAP BAPI Connector                   Connector for remote function modules in SAP systems (so called BAPIs).

Connectors for SAP BW systems:        Purpose:
Qlikview SAP OLAP Connector                  Connector for BW BEx Queries and cubes.
QlikView SAP DSO/ODS Connector            Connector for BW’s objects like DSO/ODS, capable of fetching also metadata of DSO/ODS objects (e.g. DSO’s structure).

Physically the Qlikview SAP Connector is delivered as SAP transport which consists of following development packages:

/QTQVC/QTDEV                  Developmentclass QlickTech

/QTQVC/QTDEV_BW            Qlik development for BW systems

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