Sunday, March 13, 2016

External SAP HANA view for BW object

As mentioned in my previous post there is a possibility to generate external SAP HANA view for BEx Query. There are also other BW objects which the external SAP HANA view can be generated for. In case a particular BW object has flag enabled than the HANA once it is accessing the BW objects is using this view. This means that whole data access is faster as no BW runtime is used but an external SAP HANA view is used instead.

Basically following are BW object types for which it is possible to use external HANA views:

·         BEx Query, flag is visible at BEx Query Designer->Query Properties->Extended

·         InfoObject, flag is visible at RSA1->Modelling->IO maintenance screen->tab Master Data/Texts

·         InfoProvider (e.g. (a)DSO/Cube/CompositeProvider), flag is visible at RSA1->Modelling->InfoProvider properties at Settings section

However there are many limitations as of now. Always check documentation or documentation  for this feature. The flag is stored in following physical database tables:

RSDDBOBJPROP-HANA_VIEW – in case of InfoCube or InfoObject
RSDCHA or RSDCHABAS field HANAMODELFL in case of InfoObject
RSDCUBE-HANAMODELFL - in case of cube
RSOADSO or RSDODSO field HANA_VIEW – in case of DSO
RSLTIP-HANA_VIEW - in case of Transient Provider
RSOHCPR-HANAMODELFL - in case of HANA CompositeProvider
RSPLS_ALVL-HANAMODELFL - in case of Aggregation Level

As the external view is stored in the HANA DB it needs to be able customize in which HANA’s content package the views are stored. The customizing of the HANA content package is available in tcode RS2HANA_VIEW (ABAP program RS2HANA_VIEW_SETTINGS). It is stored under identificator called RS2HANA_PACKAGE and its default value is '' in the table RS2HANA_VIEW_SET.

Among the content package also other thigs relevant to external view can be customized. It is basically how the HANA privileges are assigned to the HANA user. In case the HANA privileges are assigned to BW’s roles then field RS2HANA_ASSIGN_TYPE has value R in the same table. In addition it can be specified whether the HANA privileges are directly assigned to the SAP HANA user then field RS2HANA_DBMS_USER_MAPPING has value D.

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