Sunday, March 6, 2016

Shadow InfoPackage

There are a special InfoPackages in the system. They are called Shadow InfoPackages. The shadow infopack is created when BW DataSource objects are activated from the Business Content (BCT). BW system reads the shadow InfoPackages from the table RSLDPIOSH for each DataSource that is to being activated.

Similarly in case of BW is used as a BW content development system, inconsistencies may occur between the A and D versions of the InfoPackage means between the shadow version and version of InfoPackage in cross-reference table RSSHIPDVERS.

All these situations are caused by inconsistencies between the tables RSLDPIOSH, RSLDPIO and RSSHIPDVERS. To remove the inconsistencies there is a SAP standard report which can be used to fix these issues. The report is called RSSM_SHIPDVERS_CLEANUP. It can recognize and corrects these inconsistencies.

When using the report a checkbox "Check Shadow Infopackages' needs to be activated on its selection screen. The report then lists out all Shadow Infopackages along no of records in tables RSLDPIOSH, RSLDPIO and RSSHIPDVERS. By using Repair functionality inconsistencies can be removed.

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