Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to activate SAP NetWeaver Gateway

SAP NetWeaver Gateway is a solution which enables creation of OData services into ABAP Stack of NetWeaver to easily consume data from SAP system from outside systems. I introduced the Gateway here and here.

In this post I'd like to describe very basic step which needs to be done in the Gateway system. It is its activation of the Gateway itself. Without performing this activity no SAP NetWeaver Gateway services will start.

How to activate it? First we can go via following customizing path:

t-code SPRO-> F5-> SAP NetWeaver -> Gateway -> OData Channel -> Configuration -> Activate or Deactivate SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

Alternatively we can directly run t-code /IWFND/IWF_ACTIVATE which points to ABAP report /IWFND/R_COF_ACTIVATE_IWF. The report manipulates field IS_ACTIVE of table /IWFND/C_CFIWAT. Value of the field IS_ACTIVE has to be equal to X. Once we run this we get following confirmation pop-up window:

Once dialog is confirmed another ABAP report called /IWFND/R_MET_AGGREGATE is started. This one triggers job 'SAP_IWFND_METERING_DEL' which activates a bunch of SICF services needed to maintain SAP Gateway.

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