Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DB specific BW functions implementations

SAP BW system is similarly to SAP ECC "any" DB system. This means it support several DB platforms. In order to optimize performance of SAP system on particular DB platform some of its functions are specifically written for target DB platform. There can be optimization of SQL statements done in DB specific Native SQL or things that leverage other DB specific features. These "DB specific" codes are delivered in multiple development packages. Below I briefly introduce few main development packages specific for particular DB platforms.

pack:           description:                                        component:

RSSYB - SAP BW on Sybase ASE                           BW-SYS-DB-SYB
RSHDB - BW Porting HDB - HANA DB                    BW-SYS-DB-SDB
RSORA - BW: Oracle Porting                                 BW-BEX-OT
RSMSS - Microsoft SQL Server Porting                   BW-SYS-DB-MSS
RSADA - BW Porting MaxDB                                 BW-SYS-DB-SDB
RSDB2 - BW: Porting DB2-z/OS                            BW-SYS-DB-DB2
RSDB4 - SAP NW BW on IBM i (DB4) - AS400        BW-SYS-DB-DB4
RSDB6 - BW: Port DB6                                         BW-SYS-DB-DB6

SDBA_TERADATA - Teradata Monitoring & Admin  BW-SYS-DB-TD

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